Looking for a solution to store all those raw files? Toshiba has a new 5TB external HDD with USB 3.0

by Felix Esser

posted Friday, March 21, 2014 at 8:26 AM EST

As much as we love digital photography, we have to admit that long-term storage can be a problem. Depending on what kind of computer you're working with, your internal storage may neither be large nor dependable enough to store all your raw files. So you'll need at least a backup solution, better yet, multiple external drives that host copies of your work. And depending on whether you're a hobby photographer or a professional, several gigabytes worth of data can quickly become a terabyte or more.

Hard disk manufacturers are aware of the rising need for ever larger external storage, and Toshiba's latest desktop hard disk drives come just in the right size for those of us who take lots of photos or video. The new 3.5" devices in the STOR.E Canvio series offer either 4 or 5 terabytes of storage and feature USB 3.0 interfaces for super fast data transfer. Previously, the largest device in the series offered 3 terabytes of storage. Unfortunately, neither pricing nor US availability for the external hard drives are known yet.

If you can't wait or if 5TB don't cut it for you, HGST (who belongs to Western Digital) offers a 6TB model whose innards are filled with helium. The advantage of using a gas less dense than the oxygen-nitrogen mix our breathable air consists of is that it causes less friction, and thus reduces power consumption. In addition, these drives are hermetically sealed, so should you desire to build a giant RAID rack with several dozens of them, you can submerge them in cooling fluid so they don't overheat. Pretty neat, huh?

While we don't have a price on the Toshiba drives yet, we know for certain that the HGST helium-filled drives will set you back over US$700 a piece. Not quite cheap. But then again, we're talking about storage of your life's work here.

(via Photography Blog)