Sony Japan adds Pro support program for professional photographers

by Felix Esser

posted Friday, March 21, 2014 at 9:24 AM EDT


Canon has its CPS program, Nikon has its NPS program, and now Sony has decided it needs its own service program for professional photographers as well. Announced so far only in Japan, the Sony Pro support offers special services for professional photographers working with Sony gear, similar to the programs from Canon and Nikon. And just like Canon's and Nikon's programs, subscribers must qualify before they are admitted.

However, unlike for example Canon's program which has multiple levels that come in at multiple subscription fees, Sony's program has a fixed pricing with an entry fee of JPY 5,000 (ca. US-$ 49) and a recurring annual fee of JPY 10,000 (ca. US-$ 98). For that amount, customers partaking in the program will get rebates on repairs, rental equipment when their cameras or lenses are in for repair, discounts on sensor cleaning and more.

Whether or not the program will also come to other countries has not been disclosed yet. Considering that Sony isn't the first choice for professional photographers outside of Japan, it is quite possible that the program will be limited to the island nation, at least for the beginning. But well surely keep you updated should more information become available.

(via Sony Alpha Rumors)