Our February Photo Of The Day monthly winners have been selected - See who took home the top honors!


posted Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 11:55 AM EDT

We here at The Imaging Resource are lucky to have a community of wonderful photographers who send us stunning photographs each and every month for our Photo Of The Day contest. At the end of each month we have the honor of voting for which of these beautiful photos will win top honors and take home the prizes, but it's often a difficult task, given just how many good photos we receive and post as daily winners.

Below are the winners for February, with the top three winning gift certificates from Adorama of $300, $200 and $100, respectively. Congratulations to these winners and to the worthy runners-up as well!

First Place • Snowy Owl by Morris Bennett Altman • Nikon D200

What a great shot! We love the owl's expression, seemingly so self-satisfied and self-contained ("Yeah, I'm here, I'm an owl, what's it to ya?") The contrast is great, too; the blades of grass/wheat create a recurring pattern that helps emphasize the owl itself, as it stands in contrast to it. What a great, fun photo!


Second Place • WIND DRIFT by BOB BUCKLEY • Nikon D3200

Wow, we love this shot! Wonderful tonality, and great textural contrast between the ripples in the dunes and the strong leading line of the ridge in the foreground. The ridge of the dune leads your eye deeper into the photo, but then the foreground patterns call it back; it's a great dynamic tension, makes us want to keep looking, looking, looking at this picture!


Third Place • Old Love by Matthew Rauppius • Canon 5D MkIII

What a beautiful portrait of love and caring through the years! For all we know, this couple just met each other on the dance floor five minutes ago, but there's a tenderness and caring in the man's expression, how he's holding the woman's right hand, and how his own right hand is gently holding her, that speaks of long acquaintance and deep affection. The man's expression is perfect and, despite the overall centered composition, his face fits the rule of thirds quite well. A beautiful, evocative portrait.


First Runner-Up • Braided by Karen Celella • Canon 7D

We loved the way the paths of the water contrasted with the strong lines in the surrounding rocks. The color difference between the two also works very well here, helping to separate the stream and rocks, and focus attention on the former. The lines in the rocks draw your eye to the top of the cascade, the streaming water carries it back down again.


Second Runner-Up • Mittens Moonrise by Mike DiRenzo • Canon 5D MkIII

Simple, yet profound. It's interesting that the ridge between the two "mittens" mimics the moon's crescent shape, but what most makes this image visually interesting is simply the tension between your eye being directed to the moon, and then back to the prominent rock outcroppings. The contrast between the hard-edged rocks and moon, against the subtle gradations of the sky also adds visual interest. (Mike, you're killing us with those signatures, though! ;-)

(Commentary is compliments of our publisher, Dave Etchells)

For anyone wanting to know more about our competition please visit this news story which describes our contest and also offers some useful tips to help you succeed. To see camera and exposure information on this month's winners or to visit previous months please visit our POTD winner's gallery.

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