Adventurer paddles and camps his way to abandoned prison for a photo shoot (VIDEO)

by Liam McCabe

posted Wednesday, March 26, 2014 at 11:27 AM EDT


Photo: Mike Palmer / Roaming Focus

I don't know about you, but I feel pretty satisfied when I manage to get up off my duff and snap a few photos at the park. Then there are the photographers who really chase adventure. Mike Palmer is the adventurous type, for sure. His latest project, posted at Roaming Focus, is a trip to a remote, abandoned prison in Ontario, Canada, captured on video.

With a canoe as their main vehicle, Palmer and his cinematographer paddled up the Wanapetei river with all their gear. When the rapids got too bumpy, the team hoofed it. When night came on fast, they pitched camp and spent the night. Now that’s how you start an adventure.


At the destination—Burwash prison, empty since 1973—Palmer roams around snapping shots of the dilapidated complex, sharing tips on his techniques and what stands out to his eye. The video doesn’t spend much time talking gear (Nikon D800, if you’re interested, plus an iPhone 5), but it does share some concrete, helpful how-tos, including HDR and light-painting methods. Most enthusiast photographers should be pretty well-versed in the techniques, though the 7-minute video is absolutely worth a watch for photographers at any level—mostly because it might inspire you to go on a real photo adventure of your own. 

And oh yeah, they spend the night in the abandoned prison, too. Check out more stills from this and other adventures at Roaming Focus.

Photo: Mike Palmer / Roaming Focus

(Via ISO 1200)