Firmware Friday: Better autofocus for Zeiss Touit lenses; Canon improves network cameras


posted Friday, March 28, 2014 at 3:22 PM EST


Things are pretty peaceful on the firmware front this Firmware Friday. We've only two updates to report on this week, from Zeiss and Canon respectively, so if you're getting ready for a weekend of photographic fun you can likely hit the road without updating first.

If you're shooting a Zeiss Touit lens on an X-mount camera body, though, you may want to update first. That's because the latest v1.03 firmware for the Zeiss Touit 2.8/12 and Touit 1.8/32 brings support for faster autofocusing, as well as compatibility with phase detection autofocus. Better AF means a better chance of bringing home an in-focus shot, so this is an update you'll want to make sure you apply. If you want to bring your Zeiss Touit lens up to the latest firmware, grab the update here.

Canon's firmware, meanwhile, is a bit outside the typical remit of our site. Although it is indeed for cameras, it's for the VB-S30D, VB-S31D, VB-S800D and VB-S900F network cameras specifically. If you happen to own one of these, you'll want to upgrade for expanded operating system and web browser support, improved RTSP streaming, a camera settings backup function, and more. Get the update here.

And that, for this week, is it. Join us next time for more firmware fun!

(Camera parts image courtesy of Kelly Hofer / Flickr; used under a Creative Commons CC-BY-2.0 license.)