Pentax Q7 and its best lenses ship in limited-edition, money-saving kit (updated)


posted Thursday, April 3, 2014 at 9:51 AM EST


It might not be the smallest interchangeable-lens camera on the market any more -- the impressively-slim Samsung NX Mini now holds that crown, and indeed the original Pentax Q was also a little smaller -- but there's no denying that the Pentax Q7 is still among the very smallest mirrorless cameras that money can buy. And now, you can buy it for less, thanks to a special, limited-edition kit bundling the Pentax Q7 with all four High Performance-series lenses and hoods, a polarizing filter, and a camera bag in a presentation box.

Although it carries a list price of US$1,200, the Pentax Q7 Premium Kit can actually be found on the company's webstore as a backorder item for just US$1,000. (Update: No, it can't. Thanks to IR reader Mark in Washington DC for pointing out that we accidentally linked to a different -- albeit similarly packaged -- kit.) We tried to ascertain just how much of a savings that is over pricing for the individual items, but a few parts aren't listed for separate sale. Indeed, one of the hoods -- a black-coated metal hood for the Pentax-01 Standard Prime -- is an exclusive for this kit!

The limited-edition Pentax Q7 Premium Kit includes a Q7 camera body, all four High Performance-series lenses with hoods, a polarizing filter and a camera bag.

Still, even without the four lens hoods and camera bag that are included in the Q7 Premium Kit, we came back with a pricetag of US$1,350 if you were to purchase the camera and lenses separately. Chances are with the value of the other accessories included, you're looking at closer to US$1,500 -- which means that buy purchasing the kit, you're saving something like one third several hundred dollars over retail pricing.

If you're looking for a really small compact system camera kit and you don't mind the relatively small sensor of the Q7, this strikes us as one heck of a steal. You'll want to act quickly, though, because availability of the Pentax Q7 Premium Kit is limited to 1,000 kits worldwide. Availability is expected from late April 2014. More details and preorder info are available on the Pentax webstore.