Gear fear? Stop worrying about equipment theft with tips from Reddit

by Liam McCabe

posted Thursday, April 17, 2014 at 12:36 PM EST

Photo: Matt Biddulph, Flickr Creative Commons

Ever worried about getting your gear stolen while you’re shooting in public? Rest assured, it happens much less often than you fear—but plenty of photographers can relate to the feeling.

Reddit’s photography forum is sharing advice on how to get more comfortable with bringing your pricey photo equipment out in public. The original poster mentioned that he almost always leaves his Canon T4i at home because he’s constantly worried that somebody will steal it while he’s not looking.

The most common, upvoted advice? Buy some insurance! Cameras and lenses can usually be tacked onto homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policies, or better yet, covered separately. If the gear does get pinched, you’ll be able to replace it, no sweat.

Other recommended theft-deterrents include gaffer-taping the logo, replacing the “official” strap with something more generic (and probably more comfortable), and carrying the gear in a beat-up bag not specifically designed for a camera. Some Redditors are sharing even-more extreme ways to help disguise high-end gear, like sanding down the body and removing grips.

Check out the tips over at r/photography, and share some of your own.