Nikon P600 - 60x optical super-zoom hits our lab - First Shots posted


posted Monday, April 21, 2014 at 12:14 PM EDT


Nikon has been making super-zooms for some time now, with 42x as the go-to optical reach for their popular 500 series line over the past several years. This year, alongside the latest in that series, the Nikon P530, they've also released a whopper in the P600 which bypasses 50x and goes all the way to 60x! (That's a 1440mm eq. optical range for those of you scoring at home.)

We'll have you a more thorough series of lab shots shortly, including our standard zoom range series, and in the meantime we've just posted our First Shots so that you can go ahead and start taking a look for yourself. This also allows you to pit the P600 against the super-zoom competition across the ISO range in our Comparometer, including the Canon SX50 (50x) and the Panasonic FZ70 (60x).

One additional note: we've just received several newcomers to this exciting class including the Fujifilm S1 (50x) and the Olympus SP-100 (50x) and will have their First Shots up for you soon. [addn: Fujifilm S1 First Shots have now been posted and are also now in the Comparometer]

To get you started, below is a full resolution crop comparison showing the Nikon P600 on the left and the Panasonic FZ70 on the right at ISO 100. [Note: the crop comparison below is slightly smaller than full resolution to fit this news page format]

Nikon P600                        ISO 100                     Panasonic FZ70

Stay tuned for more to come on the Nikon P600 and all the other recent super-zoom offerings as well.