Panasonic GH4 demands outpaces supply, production ramping up

by Liam McCabe

posted Friday, April 25, 2014 at 10:39 AM EDT


Been waiting a while for your GH4 pre-order to arrive? You’re not alone—Panasonic needs to start making more of their 4K-shooting flagship camera.

Panasonic Japan posted a message noting that orders for the GH4 have exceeded their internal expectations, and apologized to buyers who will have to wait for their cameras to arrive. They're beginning to ramp up production in order to fulfill the demand for the camera.

If you’re one of the folks waiting for a GH4, this is of course frustrating news. But if you believe that a rising tide raises all ships, and your ships all happen to have Micro Four Thirds mounts, then it’s good news from an industry perspective. Then again, from a skeptic’s point of view, this message could be interpreted as a sign of production problems rather than brisk sales.

Panasonic GH4 (left) versus Sony A6000 (right) at base ISO.

We’re updating our Panasonic GH4 review as we complete tests. So far, we’ve found that image quality is similar to recent high-end Micro Four Thirds cameras, and competitive with larger-sensor system cameras at low ISOs. Video, though, is where the GH4 is really meant to shine. Stay tuned as we add more to our review.

(Via 43 Rumors)