Understand Instagram with “The Game of Likes”

by Liam McCabe

posted Monday, April 28, 2014 at 12:34 PM EDT


Some Instagrammers are positively swimming in likes. Their follower counts are sky-high off of nothing more than filtered snapshots of foamy latte hearts, it seems. If you’re craving that kind of positive reinforcement for your square-crop photos, The Bold Italic invites you to play “The Game of Likes.”

This tongue-in-cheek poster is designed like a board game to help Instagram users understand what makes some photos catch on, and other goes completely unnoticed. Traits that make for lovable photos include humble brags and props, though overuse of hashtags can cause eye-rolls. Point-losers include bordered photos and shirtless selfies.


While it’s a solid start to help social photographers figure how to win likes and influence Instagram, we think that the chart is most definitely missing an element of 'cat.' Check out the full poster at The Bold Italic. Next project: The Camera Grump’s flowchart.

(Via Laughing Squid)