Pentax K-3 review: Big tech, little package. Can Ricoh’s enthusiast DSLR beat Canon and Nikon?


posted Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at 3:50 PM EST


There's no question that Ricoh's flagship APS-C DSLR, the Pentax K-3, packs a lot of technology into a little package. The K-3 is absolutely unique: No other camera on the market offers on-demand anti-aliasing, letting you choose whether moiré reduction or ultimate sharpness are critical for any given shot. And its weather-sealed, freezeproof metal body, among the most compact of any enthusiast DSLR, further refines the ergonomics we've grown to love since they debuted with the Pentax K-7, way back in 2009.

The Pentax K-3 is replete with upgrades throughout, sporting much-improved autofocus and metering systems, a much more durable shutter mechanism, and a 24-megapixel image sensor. But do the K-3's copious technology and affordable US$1,300 body-only pricetag provide sufficient reason for you to switch from a competing lens mount? And if you're already a Pentax shooter, is it time for an upgrade?

We've just published our in-depth review of the Pentax K-3, including the third and final section of our real-world shooter's report, where you can find out the answers to these and many more questions. If you're in the market for a new DSLR, read our full Pentax K-3 review and find out if it's the right camera for you!