IR - The Week In Reviews! A recap of the past week’s events for those of you just tuning in [Vol 1 • 5-2-14]


posted Friday, May 2, 2014 at 9:54 PM EDT


Here at IR we're in a season of launching new features and redesigning our appearance for you. With that in mind, we thought we'd start offering up a quick recap of the past week's events, if you haven't been able to keep pace through your busy work week, or for you weekend readers who'd rather digest the important events in one big helping over a morning coffee.

Starting with the biggest news of the week on our site, we've just rolled out a major new camera comparison tool which lets you select two cameras and see their important specs and relative advantages side-by-side, to help you more quickly decide which model is right for you. But that's just the beginning of this new tool's abilities! To get all the information, including taking a live tour of the features, just click here.

In other exciting news, Mike Tomkins, one of our most senior and respected reviewers, puts the crowning touches on his mammoth review of the popular Pentax K3, including offering up his venerable views on why this APS-C DSLR deserves consideration for anyone in the DSLR market (not just Pentax fans!). Click here to get the full monty on the Pentax K3.

Not to be outdone, editor William Brawley put the finishing touches on his review of the Olympus E-M10, another very popular camera on our site these days, and with good reason: Drawing features from both the E-M1 and the E-M5, and packaging it at a highly affordable price point seemed almost too good to be true. Interested? Click here for all the details and his conclusions.


And for any of you shooters who'd just as soon have your bokeh without onion rings, we've got just the piece for you. Our publisher Dave Etchells has published the next in his series of interviews and cool tech pieces from his trip to Japan earlier this year, where he met with key engineers and product managers from many of the top manufacturers. This week's piece looks at the effect known as "onion ring bokeh" and explores how Panasonic is doing away with it. This one's for all you serious tech geeks in our audience, so grab another coffee and dive right in!

Next, for you fans of the Fuji X100/X100S system, or anyone who loves a quality prime lens at the 50mm equivalent range, yours truly has just finished taking the new Fujifilm TCL-X100 teleconverter out for a spin. It transforms the X100/S from 35mm eq. to 50mm eq. with the turn of a barrel and the toggle of a menu setting. Conventional rear-element teleconverters tend to miss the mark in some areas like sharpness and distortion, but I'll go ahead and let you know in advance that this unit's capabilities and quality are really something special. If you're a fan of super-sharp, "normal" focal-length primes, you'll surely want to read more here.

In other exciting news, the newest member of our review team, Rob Taylor-Case, just posted his first shooter's report for the Nikon D3300. Nikon fans or anyone looking for a capable entry-level DSLR won't want to miss Rob's unique initial take on this affordable, very competent camera. Click here to read more.

And for those of you interested in the Sony A6000 (and it seems there are a lot of you out there) our senior technical editor Zig Weidelich has just posted a lot of deep-dive technical analysis in our Optics page, Exposure page and Performance page. Those of you hankering for ALL of the scoop, rejoice! And stay tuned, too, as we'll have you another shooter's report on the Sony A6000 coming very soon.

Thanks to all of you for being a part of our community. Please keep your comments coming and come back often!

-The IR Team


Panasonic unveils the end of "onion-ring-bokeh"