Dynamic Perception eyes smartphone timelapse control with new 360-degree motorized head

by Cullen Welch

posted Wednesday, May 7, 2014 at 10:20 AM EST


With tech gear trending more and more towards the compact, the upstart company Dynamic Perception is on its "A-game" as it looks to enable its users to not only enhance their already existing motion control systems, but to do so from the palm of their hand using the device they already carry around with them: their smartphone. Dynamic Perception is on the cutting edge of motion control systems, and is renowned among photographers and videographers alike, including Michael Shainblum and Martin Heck, who we recently highlighted with his awe-inspiring "Awakening" 4K time-lapse project of New Zealand, which utilized a Dynamic Perception Stage One motorized slider. 

The new "Stage R" rotary system is capable of simultaneous 360-degree pan and tilt movement by combining two units together, both of which accept DC and stepper motors directly. The quick-snap motor ports were designed with compatibility in mind: there are two optional input connections on each unit to avoid frustration with any motion-inhibiting motor placement. The units are made of aluminum for both strength and lightness, weighing in at only three pounds with the motor attached!

And using the NMX Bluetooth controller module, users will be able to connect their iOS or Android smartphone and set start and stop points, motion key frame ramping, and time-lapse characteristics for move-shoot-move shots. They are even aiming for real-time simulated joystick controls in three dimensions via your smartphone’s touchpad. Very slick!

Dynamic Perception, from their Kickstarter video: "Unleash your creativity like never before with dynamic 3-axis motion control. Add motorized sliding, panning, and tilting to your time lapse and filmmaking projects."


The mobile apps are still in development, but with the successful backing of an ongoing Kickstarter campaign, it looks as though their lofty goals in the new "Stage R" three-axis motion control system will come to fruition in the near future. Time lapsers, rejoice!

(via SLRLounge)