Nikon S9700 - First Shots posted from this 30x optical pocket long-zoom camera


posted Wednesday, May 14, 2014 at 4:39 PM EST


The Nikon S9700 joins the Canon SX700 as high on this year's popularity list in the pocket / travel long zoom categories. Like the SX700, the S9700 sports a generous 30x optical zoom reach that extends the 35mm equivalent focal length from 25-750mm. Not bad for something you can drop in most any pocket.

Now it's time to see how well it shoots, and we've just completed our first round of lab test First Shots to get you started. From this samples page you can access these images directly, and more importantly you can now see the S9700 side by side across the ISO spectrum against the SX700 or any other camera we've ever tested in our Comparometer.

Below is a sneak-peek showing a (near) full resolution crop from the Comparometer against the SX700 at base ISO. You can also use this tool to pit the S9700 against other pocket long zooms like the Sony HX50V or the Panasonic ZS40.

  Nikon S9700 • ISO 125                                     Canon SX700 • ISO 100

Stay tuned for more to come on the Nikon S9700.

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