OTTO: this retro-styled, hackable camera lets you crank out GIFs. Literally.

by Cullen Welch

posted Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at 10:54 AM EST


Here's to "OTTO" – the world's first Raspberry Pi-based photo-video hybrid GIF camera that is fully hackable, customizable, and connectible!

Using an intuitive shutter-control hand crank, a respectable 35mm f/2.0 lens, and a wifi-connected smartphone app, OTTO meets all of your GIF-recording desires… and more. The Oakland-based designers of OTTO – Thomas Deckert, Dave Rauchwerk, and Gustavo Huber – developed the hardware with hopes of promoting a community library for new user-sourced modes, tricks, and add-ons. The possibilities are endless, with ideas ranging from an Arduino-powered FlashyFlash add-on to saturation control using sound as a variable input.

With its chic retro design and ample nod to the software development community, this is a promising find for anyone looking to up their game in the world of digital photography and computing. It's no DSLR substitute, but for $199 it promises endless entertainment for any custom design enthusiast.

An example of various effect modes on the OTTO camera.

You can find and contribute to the ongoing Kickstarter project here!

(via PetaPixel and Kickstarter)