Super Tuesday - We post laboratory First Shots from 4 popular super zoom cameras


posted Tuesday, May 27, 2014 at 3:35 PM EST


Many of our readers these days are yearning for more zoom reach in an all-in-one package, or at least it seems so based on your interest in both the compact long zoom and the all-in-one super-zoom categories.

Today we're unveiling First Shots from four of the competitors in the super-zoom heat: the Fujifilm S1 (50X); Olympus SP-100 (50X); Samsung WB2200F (60X) and Sony HX400V (50X). These are the first test images to emerge from our laboratory, and allow you to not only pixel-peep our Still Life test target across the entire available ISO range, but to also pit these models against each other for judging overall image quality in our Comparometer.

A few weeks ago we posted First Shots from the Nikon P600 (60X) and these four new models will give it much more company for comparisons, to go along with several still popular models from last year, the Canon SX50HS (50X) and the Panasonic FZ70 (60X).

Below are full resolution comparison crops from our Comparometer at ISO 100 (except the SP-100, which only goes to ISO 125) to get you started. But that's just the beginning, as anyone interested in low light shooting will surely want to ramp up the ISOs and see which ones can stand the heat.


So there you go, super-zoom fans -- 7 current choices now available for side-by-side image quality viewing. And given that it's Super Tuesday, once you've made your own comparisons, please come back to the comments section below and cast your vote!