Fill up your walls with Photojojo’s new 3ft x 4ft lo-fi B&W “engineering prints”

by Cullen Welch

posted Thursday, May 29, 2014 at 4:17 PM EDT


Do you have a lot of blank walls in your home or apartment? Perhaps some nice prints of your photos would do the trick to supercharge your wall space. But if the standard high-resolution, full color style is not your thing, how about something black and white and lo-fi?

Well, for only $25 USD, the folks over at Photojojo will print your favorite personal snapshot on a standard 4-foot-wide lightweight 20lb bond paper using their industrial-size printers. Yes, feet -- 3ft x 4ft to be exact. Big enough to fill those blank walls quickly!

Your photos, human-sized...

These "engineering prints" are normally used for architectural and engineering schematics, and the halftone black and white ink printing technique uses lots of little dots in different sizes and tones to create a large image, giving photos that lo-fi look.

The Photojojo gurus also list some neat DIYs on their website to enhance your print art even further, like print murals, photo booth wall posters, and personal gift wrap. You can order a print quickly and easily on their website that includes free shipping with a 4-6 week delivery estimate and a neatly packed roll for your unfurling pleasure. Let the festivities begin!


(via PetaPixel and Photojojo)