Google Plus for iOS gets Snapseed on steroids, complete with non-destructive photo editing


posted Wednesday, June 4, 2014 at 1:20 PM EST


Three months after a similar update for Android devices, Google has today shown Apple fans some love with a new release of its Google+ social networking app for iOS devices.

As with the Android update, the new version incorporates technology derived from Snapseed, the Nik Software app that became a Google property after the company's acquisition last year. It's not just a straight port of Snapseed filters, though. Where things get really cool is that the Google Plus app lets you edit your photos nondestructively, and do so across multiple devices.

Google+ for iOS now supports non-destructive editing.

For example, you could snap a shot on your iPhone, start tweaking it with Snapseed filters like Drama, Retrolux or HDR Scape, then switch to your iPad for a better look at the results and some more editing. And if you're not satisfied with the results -- well, you can roll back and have another go, or just share the unedited original instead. Other editing features include both cropping and rotation.

Also new to the iOS version of Google+ is the stories feature, which made its Android debut a couple of weeks ago. This makes it easy to create a timeline of photos and videos from a specific trip or event, complete with captions and transition effects.

The update also incorporates Google's Stories feature.

More details can be found in the announcement of the update from Google's Todd Bogdog. Note that according to a related post from the new Google's Product Manager for Digital Photography, John Nack, the iOS interface is still a work in progress. Get the app itself on Apple's iTunes store.

(via Nackblog)