GoPro videographer takes to the skies: dreams big with spherical panoramic liftoff

by Cullen Welch

posted Thursday, June 5, 2014 at 10:09 AM EST


Ever dreamt of interplanetary travel? Or perhaps you've wondered what the Apollo astronauts felt during liftoff from our galactic speck of a home into the great beyond? Dream no more, as photographer Ignacio Ferrando puts you in the pilot's seat and visualizes liftoff using six (6!) GoPro cameras, a bit of ingenuity and video stitching software, and a round-trip ticket into low Earth orbit via a physics-defying roller coaster jaunt!

This is yet another example of the sort of really stunning things that you can do with a few handy GoPro cameras, a creative eye, and some editing software. Here, Ignacio creates a stellar aerial view of our world -- as though it were a mere pebble beneath us -- via 360-degree spherical panorama using a video editing software called Video Stitch.

We wonder what other venues might lend themselves well to this type of panoramic experiential immersion… any ideas?

Be forewarned: this semi-nauseating perspective is not for the faint of heart!


(via SLRLounge)