Picquest app wants to make it easier for photographers and clients to connect

by Felix Esser

posted Wednesday, June 11, 2014 at 2:57 PM EDT

Whenever and wherever you're looking for a photographer to take pictures of you, your business, your event etc., you'll probably first Google for professional photographers in your vicinity. If the people behind the new app 'Picquest' (a composite of 'picture' and 'request'?) have it their way, it'll soon be much easier for photographers and clients to connect.

The idea behind Picquest is basically the same as that behind apps such as Yelp and Uber, only that it lets you search for photographers instead of restaurants or taxi cabs. You can search for photographers via location, take a look at their work, and then decide whether you want to send them a request. Picquest also lets you search for specific events such as conferences or weddings, and request pictures from these events.

When hiring a photographer via Picquest, the app will also allow for the photographer to upload the pictures via the app, and this way quickly transfer them to the customer, who can then further share them. All this, of course, first requires that a sufficient number of photographers register with Picquest, and that an equally sufficient number of potential clients start using the app.

It's certainly an interesting idea to let people connect with photography businesses just as they would with other businesses with apps like Yelp and Uber, which, in theory, make it much easier for clients to find the right photographer for their needs. Seeing that this app is only now starting its services (it's still invite-only), it has yet to prove that it actually works, especially the part where the final products -- your photos -- are being delivered via the app.

More information on the new Picquest app, as well as forms to sign up as a photographer or to request an invite to use the app, are available on Picquest's website.

(via dpreview connect)