Fuji X-T1 review: Deliciously-retro mirrorless trims the fat from the DSLR, delivers impressive results


posted Monday, June 16, 2014 at 11:01 PM EST


Take a look at our camera reviews from the last couple of years, and one thing is clear: Retro is in. The Fuji X-T1 is a great example of the genre, with a handsome, vintage camera body wrapped around some cutting-edge technology, including an impressively-fast electronic viewfinder and Fuji's exclusive X-Trans sensor technology.

Whether it's because everything really was rose-colored back then or simply because nostalgia sells, camera manufacturers across the board have been riding the wave of reminiscence. Some have even resurrected brand names from days gone by. But just because it's retro doesn't make it good -- we've seen some great examples of old-meets-new digital cameras, but we've also seen some we'd sooner forget.


The Fuji X-T1 sits safely in the first camp, adopting retro paradigms where they make sense, but not just for retro's sake. If you've been reading our ongoing series of Fuji X-T1 Shooter's Reports, it's clear this is a camera we've been enjoying shooting. But as our review comes to a close with the third and final part of our Fuji X-T1 Shooter's Report, it's time to cast our verdict.

Is the X-T1 merely a good retro camera, or is it an instant classic? Read our just-published Fuji X-T1 review -- not to mention that final Shooter's Report -- and find out!