The Camera Bag: iOgrapher video rig makes you look even sillier wielding around your iPad

by Felix Esser

posted Tuesday, June 17, 2014 at 4:05 PM EDT


When it comes to mobile photography, there is little that looks sillier than holding an iPad at arms length in order to take a picture or a video. Especially when you're accustomed to holding your DSLR or mirrorless camera up to your eye, seeing someone using an iPad for photography appears extremely weird. On the other hand, with the iPad's huge display, using it for photography or video capture can actually make a lot of sense.

That's what the makers of the iOgrapher video rig must've thought. And in order to make it easier for iPadographers (is that even a real word?) to capture video footage, they developed a specialized rig for the iPad that not only gives you more stability, but also lets you attach an external microphone for improved sound quality. In addition to that, the rig also sports three cold shoes for attaching even more accessories, and it can be fitted with a converter lens for wide-angles and macro pictures.

Would you really want to take videos with your iPad, though? If you happen to carry it with you, it might be a convenient means, and the large screen surely is great for both previewing and minor editing. But if you use a bulky iPad for video, with its small sensor, large depth-of-field (no subject isolation), lack of zoom and poor low light performance, you could just as well grab a DSLR or mirrorless camera and get much higher quality footage. We're just saying.

If you'd still like to purchase the iOgrapher video rig for your iPad, you can get it from Photojojo for US$85. And for $320, you can get it in kit with the accessory lens and a RØDE microphone.