Doco plug-in extends Photoshop’s document and layer controls, enables drag-and-drop adjustments


posted Thursday, July 3, 2014 at 11:36 AM EST


If you've ever found yourself frustrated by the document management capabilities -- or lack thereof -- in Adobe Photoshop, a new plug-in from Israeli software company Creative Do might well be the solution you've been looking for.

Photoshop has grown into a behemoth over the years, packed with tools, features and controls, but its user interface is rigidly designed around the active document. Creative Do's Doco plug-in changes that, adding a new panel that provides an overview of all open documents, helping you quickly jump between documents courtesy of a thumbnail preview.

The Doco plug-in extends Photoshop with drag-and-drop document and layer management.

That in itself would be handy, but Doco goes further and allows you to drag-and-drop between documents. You can, for example, create several adjustment layers for a photo, and then -- with a single drag-and-drop operation -- quickly copy them to other open images that need the same adjustments. And you can also drag and drop layers to copy them from one document to another, or to merge documents together.

Doco also provides shortcut buttons that ease some tasks you're likely to need frequently, such as rotating documents in 90-degree increments, scaling them to match the size of one particular document, pasting the clipboard contents to multiple documents, and more.

With Doco, you can quickly copy adjustment layers, layer groups and more from one open document to another.

For a panel with such a straightforward, simple interface, Doco does a surprising amount to enhance your workflow, completely changing the way you interact with Photoshop for the better. And with a pricetag of just US$19 (or under US$150 for a 10-license pack), it's pretty affordable too!

There's a slight catch, though. If you're not an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber, you're going to have to sit this one out. (Or perhaps bite the bullet and upgrade to Adobe's current, subscription-only version of Photoshop.) The Doco plug-in requires that you're running either Photoshop CC 14.1 or Photoshop CC 2014, whether you're on the Windows or Mac platform.

More details can be found on the Creative Do website!