The camera bag: keep your lenses cozy and your filters in order with these two bags

by Felix Esser

posted Tuesday, July 8, 2014 at 6:00 PM EDT

When you're taking your gear out for a spin, you want to make sure you've got the proper accomodations (read: bags, backpacks etc.) to keep it stowed away safely as well as organized. That goes for cameras and lenses as well as for filters, memory cards, batteries etc. Thankfully, accessory makers all over the world never seem to grow tired of coming up with new, clever carrying solution for your precious items.

The latest stuff hails from MindShiftGear and Holdfast Gear, respectively, with the former having released a special pouch for your filters, while the latter have recently created a beautiful canvas and leather bag that not only keeps your lenses safe, but also cozy. You wouldn't want them to catch a cold on a chilly autumn day, would you?

The MindShiftGear Filter Nest Bag is exclusively made to carry filters up to 82mm in diameter, although from the looks of it, it may also hold SD/CF cards, credit cards or other slim items. It comes with a removable insert that is arranged in eight color-coded compartments, so you can instantly grab the correct filter.

The pouch can be mounted to your belt or to one of MindShiftGear's photo backpacks, or you can take the filter-holding insert and put it in to any other bag. It is available via MindShiftGear's online shop for US$44.99.

If you're carrying only one camera body that you want to keep in your hand or around your neck, but would like to take along one or two more lenses, Holdfast gear has the right bag for you. It's called the Explorer Lens Pouch, and it's made from beautiful canvas and leather lined with fluffy sheep wool on the inside to keep your lenses cozy.

The Explorer Lens Pouch also features two extra pouches on the outside, which can take a flash, your wallet, spare batteries and other accessories. It, too, can be mounted to your belt, but Holdfast really wants you to combine it with its Money Maker strap that can also hold your camera plus a second body, if necessary.

Holfast Gear's Explorer Lens Pouch will set you back a cool $200, but keep in mind that all their products are handmade in the US, from high quality materials. The Explorer Lens Pouch can be ordered via Holdfast Gear's online shop.

(via Pop Photo, The Phoblographer)