Sony RX100 III Shooter’s Report II: A change of scenery in coastal Virginia


posted Wednesday, July 9, 2014 at 9:35 AM EST


For my first Shooter's Report with the Sony RX100 III enthusiast compact, I took to the skies in a 1920s Ford Trimotor airliner. Pretty cool, but how to follow that up? Well, dreary weather was in the forecast here in Knoxville last week, so I decided to head to the coast for a change of pace and some new scenery.

Specifically, I drove eight-plus hours to Norfolk, Virginia, the nearest seaside town with sunny weather. And with lots of driving to do in each direction, I stopped over in two other towns enroute: sleepy little Marion, and handsome, pedestrian-friendly Roanoke. And it wasn't just the Sony RX100 III along for the ride, either. I brought both of its earlier siblings -- the Sony RX100 and RX100 II -- for some side-by-side shooting both in the daytime, and in low light. My goal: To answer which of the trio offered the best shooting companion out in the real world.


Want to see what I thought of the Sony RX100 III, and how it compared to the earlier models on my whirlwind Virginia vacation? Read Part II of my Sony RX100 III Shooter's Report, and take a look at the latest additions to my Sony RX100 III sample photo gallery.


(And if you're considering one of the earlier models as an alternative -- or considering upgrading -- check out the updates to the RX100 and RX100 II galleries, as well.) Spoiler alert: I am liking this new model a lot, and you're probably going to as well!

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