Sony A6000 Review: Top-notch image quality meets great performance and affordability


posted Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at 2:50 PM EST


When the Sony A6000 made its debut last spring, we were pretty excited. Not only did this replacement for the 2012's NEX-6 cram in plenty of desirable features -- we referred to it in our launch coverage as a "high-res speed demon" -- but it also shaved a couple of hundred dollars off its predecessor's list price.

Based around a brand-new 24.3-megapixel EXMOR APS HD CMOS sensor and Sony's BIONZ X image processor, as featured in the full-frame A7-series mirrorless cameras and other recent models, the Sony A6000 looked to be quite the upgrade.

Our excitement cranked up a few more notches when we got hands-on with the camera, and found that all of our key criticisms of its predecessor had been fixed in the new model. And we weren't alone. Our readers too, it seemed, were stoked to find out more about this affordable all-rounder, clicking through to our review at an unprecedented rate to read our latest thoughts, and see our many gallery and sample images!

With oodles of resolution and great image quality, the A6000 is an excellent option whether you're unleashing your inner artist, or just capturing family memories...

If you're among those legions who've been so excited by the Sony A6000, boy do we ever have good news for you today! We've just put the finishing touches on our in-depth Sony A6000 review, and we've passed judgement on the camera with which Sony takes on both consumer and enthusiast DSLRs alike. (A measure of the company's confidence can be found right on its product page, where it says its new model offers "all the quality in half the size & weight" of a DSLR.)

...and thanks to its overhauled autofocus system and swift performance, it also makes for a great sports shooter. Truly an all-rounder, and for just US$800 with lens. Wow!

So what did we think? Our Sony A6000 review tells the whole story. If you've not already done so, we'd suggest starting off with a read of our detailed Shooter's Reports, before you get our final verdict in our Sony A6000 conclusion. And have your wallets at the ready, folks, because we do believe you're going to like this camera as much as we do!