MIOPS aims to be the ultimate all-purpose sensor-activated camera trigger

by Felix Esser

posted Thursday, July 17, 2014 at 1:41 PM EDT

The brains behind the NeroTrigger, a device that can trigger your camera or your flash via light, sound and laser, are taking their product to the next level. Currently looking for funding on Kickstarter, Eron Elektronik is currently developing the second generation of their multi-purpose trigger, called MIOPS.

While the basic functionality of the MIOPS trigger is similar to that of the NeroTrigger -- it comes with light and sound sensors as well as a laser trap built-in -- the MIOPS is actually a completely new device that comes with exclusive new functionality. This includes Bluetooth connectivity, a dedicated smartphone app that can control the device's entire functionality, as well as customizable trigger scenarios.

Besides the basic light, sound and laser trigger modes, MIOPS -- just like NeroTrigger -- can be extended with all kinds of third-party sensors such as pressure, humidity or temperature sensors. Thanks to its customizable scenarios settings, MIOPS also supports the use of multiple sensors in combination.

The triggering functionality of MIOPS is highly flexible, and is not restriced to digital cameras alone. MIOPS can also be used to trigger a flash unit or any other device that features a trigger interface similar to that of digital cameras. On top of that, the device isn't restricted to trigger upon sensory input alone, but it can also be programmed to act as an interval timer.

In addition to its standard sensor trigger modes, MIOPS also comes with a timelapse mode as well as an HDR mode. In these modes, MIOPS is not dependent on sensor input. Instead, it can be programmed to take pictures at specific intervals and with specific camera settings. This makes it a very useful addition to cameras that don't come with integrated HDR or timelapse modes.

In order to be able to perform such long-term tasks as recording timelapse footage or waiting for a specific event to happen, MIOPS is outfitted with a powerful battery. According to its makers, MIOPS will keep working for multiple days depending on its task, thanks to multiple energy saving features.

The MIOPS trigger is currently being crowdfunded via Kickstarter, with a total funding goal of US$75,000. With over $45,000 pledged and 42 more days to go, it seems very likely that the project can be completed.

If MIOPS sounds like a great idea to you, you can help fund the project with a contribution of as little as $5. Early backers can get the Basic version without Bluetooth for $149, while the regular price will be $189 (also available if early backer spots run out.) The Ultimate version with Bluetooth starts at $199 for early backers and has a regular price of $229.

Finally, there's also a Premium version of MIOPS that includes the buyer's name on the screen instead of the MIOPS logo. The Premium version of the MIOPS trigger is available for a funding pledge of US$249. If all goes well, backers will receive their devices by December 2014. More information is available on the manufacturer website and on the Kickstarter page.