The new Sigma dp2 Quattro has a very unique design. Here’s how you hold it! (VIDEO)


posted Friday, July 18, 2014 at 12:13 PM EST


Sigma's DP-line of Foveon-based compact cameras have always sat in a special niche of the camera market. The previous generation of "Merrill" DP cameras were rather boxy and utilitarian on the exterior, but the APS-C, three-layered Foveon sensor on the inside let this compact camera produce some extraordinary images at low ISOs (venture above ISO 400 at your own risk). Images from these cameras were good enough to put it up against the likes of high-res, high-end DSLRs, at least at the lower ISOs.  And yet there another major downside, and that was its overall sluggish performance. 

This time around, Sigma has come out with a new series of DP cameras, that not only aims to tackle the performance issues of its predecessor, but also challenge our notions of what a camera is supposed to look like. We here at IR were rather intrigued when Sigma announced the new "Quattro"-series of DP cameras. The elongated and slim body with oddly-angled handgrip had us all wondering just how in the world are you supposed to hold this thing? And is it comfortable?

Well, we're here to answer those questions. Our Sigma dp2 Quattro arrived at HQ recently, and after spending some time in our test lab -- be sure to check out the impressive image quality with our lab images -- IR founder and publisher Dave Etchells thought it would be prudent to give a little video demonstration of this radically-designed camera and show you just how you're supposed to hold this guy -- and why.


Want more on the Sigma dp2 Quattro? Our sample unit will soon be venturing out to one of our intrepid reviewers, and we'll have some real-world gallery images ready for pixel-peeping very shortly. Stay tuned!

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