Nauticam’s new underwater housing lets you go scuba diving with your Sony RX100 Mk III

by Felix Esser

posted Tuesday, July 22, 2014 at 8:38 AM EST

The Sony RX100 Mk III is a serious powerhouse of a compact camera, delivering outstanding image quality in a pocket-sized package. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could take it along on your next scuba diving adventure? Now you can, thanks to a new underwater housing by Nauticam.

Milled from solid aluminum, Nauticam's NA-RX100III housing is waterproof to depths of 100 m (330 ft.). In order to keep your precious RX100 Mk III dry, the housing is equipped with leak detection and vacuum sensors that give audible and visual signals in case of a leak. For added security, the NA-RX100III can also be outfitted with a dedicated vacuum pump.

But what good does your camera do you if it's locked inside an aluminum case? That's why the NA-RX100III comes with a full set of buttons and dials on the front, top, and rear that let you access each and every function of the Sony RX100 Mk III. Not only do you get full access to the buttons on its back, but also to the mode dial and to the lens ring.

And there's even more. At the front, the housing comes with a 67mm thread that lets you attach accessory lenses, such as wide angle or macro converters. There's also a sealed HDMI port, so you can record high-definition video with an external recorder such as the Atomos Ninja, for which Nauticam -- conveniently -- also offers an underwater housing!

Further accessories such as a grip or an underwater flash can be attached via a tripod mount at the bottom and a cold shoe at the top of the housing. The Nauticam NA-RX100III will be available through authorized US dealers from August 1, 2014, for a retail price of US$995. For more, please visit the manufacturer's website.

(via Sony Alpha Rumors)