Lomography throws some light on the picture, adds a flash to its Konstruktor DIY SLR kit


posted Tuesday, August 12, 2014 at 3:45 PM EDT


We've mentioned Lomography's do-it-yourself Konstruktor SLR kit a couple of times on this news page. It's a clever little kit that serves as much to inform you about the workings of an SLR as it does to shoot pictures, but it's always had something of a flaw. Unlike most retail SLRs, the Konstruktor lacked support for flash photography.

If you've been considering picking up a Konstruktor kit yourself, but put it off because it was available-light only, now's the time to change your mind. A new version of the kit is here, and the Lomography Konstruktor F adds a PC sync socket for flash photography. Still reasonably priced at just US$40, the Konstruktor F kit is also compatible with the Konstruktor Flash Accessory Kit, a $20 addon which provides both a flash bracket and two cables -- one offering up a standard hot shoe, and the other compatible with the Fritz the Blitz (US$35) or Fritz the Blitz 2.0 (US$70) flash strobes.

The Lomography Konstruktor F, like its predecessor, comes ready to assemble in kit form.

Better still, you can purchase a bundle that includes the Lomography Konstruktor F, Flash Accessory Kit and Fritz the Blitz 2.0 strobe for just a touch over US$110, quite a savings over separate purchases. Then just supply the film, spend a little while assembling everything, and you can unleash your inner strobist with an SLR camera of your own construction!

Once assembled, you can attach flash strobes including the Fritz the Blitz 2.0 (shown).

(via PetaPixel)