The Ztylus lens accessory makes your iPhone look like a classic camera

by Felix Esser

posted Tuesday, August 19, 2014 at 1:10 PM EST

Industrial design usually has the goal of combining form with function in a way that neither one gets in the way of the other. But achieving this isn't always an easy task, and products that focus too much on form often lack functionality, while those focusing too much on function often lack an aesthetic appeal. Then, there are those products that manage combine form and function in a most ideal way, delivering great functionality while sporting a pleasing design.

The Ztylus lens revolver for the iPhone is one of these products, and it may just be the most beautiful iPhone accessory we've ever seen. It's a clever combination of a stylish protective case that includes a foldable stand, and a set of accessory lenses that can be attached to it. However, unlike most smartphone lens accessories you know, the Ztylus doesn't take single magnetically-attached lenses, but rather a beautifully styled revolver attachment that sports four flip-out lenses.

When not in use, the lenses hide away in the Ztylus revolver, which comes in the same classic metallic design as the Ztylus case and brings a bit of retro-chic to your iPhone. In order to use one of the four lenses, which comprise a fisheye converter, a combined wide-angle converter and super macro lens, and circular polarizer filter, you flip them out of the case and gently push them into place above the iPhone's built-in camera module.

With the Ztylus case and lens revolver attached, your iPhone 5 or 5S looks almost like a classic Leica, and with the strap lugs integrated into the case, it's even possible to carry it over your shoulder like you would an actual camera. The Ztylus iPhone case and lens revolver are available via Omega Brandess, and retail for $40 for the case (in either black or white) and $70 for the lens revolver.

(via Shutterbug on Facebook)