Nikon issues service advisory about “bright spots” in D810 photos

by Felix Esser

posted Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 3:02 PM EDT

Uh-oh. It appears that Nikon is having trouble with the sensor in one of its cameras again. After the D600 sensor spot issue which brought much heat upon the digital camera manufacturer, Nikon now seems to have issues with the sensor inside the D810 which, reportedly, produces "bright spots" in photos under certain conditions.

According to a recently published service advisory, some users of the D810 reported bright spots appearing in photos taken at long exposure times or at an image area setting of 1.2x (30x20). Nikon admits that the problem exists, and advises owners of the D810 to check whether their camera's serial number is in the range of affected products.

According to Nikon EU, cameras that were affected by the problem but have already been service are marked with a black dot inside the tripod mount. Owners of a D810 showing such a black dot need not send their camera in for service even if the camera's serial number is in the list of affected D810 models.

However, Nikon also warns that the problem can keep showing up even in serviced cameras, due to the D810's sensor's increased sharpness and resolution. In this case, Nikon advises to turn on long exposure noise reduction. To us, this sounds like a typical case of hot pixels that appear in long exposures.

To find out whether your D810 is potentially affected by this issue and needs servicing, you can check your camera's serial number following this link. In any case, using long exposure noise reduction is probably the best way to get rid of heat related noise in your images.

(via Nikon Rumors)