Samsung NX30 Review: solid performance and image quality at a great value


posted Monday, August 25, 2014 at 9:42 AM EDT


We've just finished our Samsung NX30 review, after it spent a lot of time out in the wilds of the Rocky Mountains in the hands of reviewer John Shafer, and overall, the NX30 is a solid little camera. Samsung is an extremely large company with a vast portfolio of products, but in the photographic world, more 'traditional' players like Canon, Nikon and Sony tend to get the lion's share of attention, especially among customers.

Samsung NX-mount cameras, however, shouldn't be overlooked, as they offer a lot of performance and great image quality at some very wallet-friendly prices, and the Samsung NX30 is no exception. Despite the 'flagship' moniker, Samsung's newest high-end NX camera packs a punch with its performance, at a very affordable street price more in line with upper entry-level to lower mid-level DSLRs.

With improved ergonomics over the previous NX20 by way of a bigger, deeper handgrip, the NX30 is comfortable and lightweight. On paper, the Samsung NX30's specs are very impressive, and in-use, the camera lives up to our high expectations for the most part. All in all, the Samsung NX30 is a strong contender for those looking for a relatively compact, high-performance APS-C camera at a great price.

While the NX-mount lens lineup is a little lacking at the moment, which might dissuade some more advanced users who need specialized lenses like fast f/2.8 tele zooms or long super tele wildlife lenses, the Samsung NX30 and available native lenses are more than capable for capturing everything from general lifestyle, portrait and travel photos, to even a good amount of action and sports (so long as you pre-focus and don't rely on continuous AF). In a sea of cameras from other "big names," the Samsung NX30 is a worthy competitor and deserves consideration.

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