Entry-level 24-inch Adobe RGB display from Eizo targets photographers


posted Monday, September 8, 2014 at 6:28 PM EDT


Update 2014/09/14: It turns out that we misread the PR materials provided by Eizo. This monitor, in the interests of saving costs, forgoes the built-in correction sensor we mistakenly believed it to have. You can, of course, correct color using a third-party device and Eizo's bundled software. Sincere apologies for the misunderstanding!

A new entry-level monitor from Eizo that's aimed at photographers, the Eizo ColorEdge CS240, offers near-complete coverage of the Adobe RGB color space, helping you to  extract the most from your raw photos or Adobe RGB JPEGs. Available immediately, the Eizo CS240 is based around a 24.1-inch IPS LCD panel and EIZO's custom ASIC, which among other things provides Digital Uniformity Equalizer technology that helps correct for backlight imperfections that are common with LCDs. The backlight consumes just 27 watts of power in use, and the display covers 99% of the Adobe RGB color space. Connectivity includes DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI, as well as two upstream and downstream USB ports, and the screen has 10-bit color and a 16-bit color lookup table.


Each monitor's gamma curve is adjusted individually in the factory, and although there's no built-in calibration or correction sensor on this model, Eizo's ColorNavigator 6 calibration software is included in the product bundle. It's compatible with various calibration devices made by Datacolor, X-Rite and others, and provides an alternative to the third-party software that comes with the colorimeter of your choice. An optional monitor hood is available to help prevent glare.

Pricing for the Eizo ColorEdge CS240 hasn't been disclosed and will vary by region, but European retailers are currently listing the monitor in the range of €800, roughly equivalent to US$1,030.