Fuji X100T launches with refined interface, better viewfinder and monitor, plus Wi-Fi sharing


posted Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at 12:02 AM EST


In early 2013, Fujifilm introduced the X100S, a bright-lensed camera nicely aimed at the street photography niche. Now, the followup Fuji X100T aims to take the best of its predecessors, answer several criticisms we had with the earlier camera, and brings it up to date with some worthwhile tweaks to the viewfinder, display and connectivity.

What hasn't changed since the X100S is the imaging pipeline, which we commended in the earlier camera. The Fuji X100T shares the same 16.3-megapixel X-Trans CMOS II image sensor, EXR Processor II image processor, and bright 35mm-equivalent f/2.0 prime lens. And the X100T's burst performance remains at about six frames per second, too.


So what has changed? First and foremost, it's the Fujifilm X100T's body design. The new model now offers support for third-step aperture control on the ring surrounding the lens barrel, has a true rear dial instead of a clickable rocker, and does away with the easily-bumped dial that encircled the four-way controller. There's also a new, optional accessory grip that should make the camera easier to carry without fear of an accidental drop.

Fujifilm has also gifted the X100T with in-camera Wi-Fi connectivity -- including remote control and live view capability -- and honed the viewfinder with higher accuracy plus a clever new electronic rangefinder function. There's also a larger, significantly higher-resolution LCD monitor, a super-speedy electronic shutter function, more internal memory, and a more up-to-date Micro HDMI connector in place of the Mini HDMI connector which relatively few cameras use these days. And there are a raft of firmware changes, too, as you'll find out in our preview.


Available from mid-November 2014 in black or silver-bodied variants, the Fuji X100T is priced at US$1,300. Read our in-depth Fuji X100T preview for the full story, or place your preorder at the links below!