Sigma dp2 Quattro Shooter’s Report Part I - plus new lab test images converted using SPP v6.06


posted Saturday, September 13, 2014 at 11:18 AM EST


High resolution, reportedly 30% higher than their previous Foveon sensor, created to "produce works
of art"... this is what Sigma promises with the dp2 Quattro, the first model released in the all new Quattro series of fixed lens cameras. They further report improved speed in both processing and autofocusing, as well as better high ISO performance.

We at IR exist to unveil the truth about camera claims for you and separate out the hype, and we do this by taking the cameras down two roads. One is to put it through its paces in our storied laboratory, and you can expect much more to come in the weeks ahead regarding what we uncover there. The second is to send it out in the real world where the rest of you shoot and see just how well it does in those more common shooting situations.

The dp2 Quattro is a unique enough camera that we felt compelled to send it to one of our top reviewers, Eamon Hickey in New York, and let him share his experienced perspective with our readers on this camera. We've just posted his first Shooter's Report installment, so dive right in and enjoy his initial insights, including revised conversions of his sample gallery using the latest version of Sigma Photo Pro v6.06.

1/125s / f/5.6 / ISO 100 / converted using SPP v6.06
15s / f/8 / ISO 100 / converted using SPP v6.06

We've also now re-converted many of our standard test lab images using SPP v.6.06. For those of you who missed our recent article detailing the issues addressed with this new software version, as well as issues addressed with new camera firmware, please click here for all the details. For everyone else, the new conversions will now appear on our lab samples page, as denoted by "spp-606" in the image title.

[Note: there are still conversions on our lab samples page using SPP 6.05 for comparison purposes, and anything labeled "spp-605" or just "spp" in either the lab test page or the gallery page will be older conversions.]

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