Super-zoom gets super-long: 65x zoom Canon SX60 HS takes you to a stupendous 1,365mm telephoto


posted Monday, September 15, 2014 at 8:01 AM EDT


The Canon SX50 HS, released in late 2012, boasted an already impressive 50x zoom range and received not only a coveted Dave's Pick from us, but an even rarer 5.0 overall rating. The Canon SX60 HS, debuting almost a full two years later, leapfrogs a few 60x offerings from some other manufacturers this year, including the Nikon P600, and brings to the table the world's first 65x fixed lens optical zoom camera.

With an equivalent focal length range of a generous 21mm at wide angle to a whopping 1,365mm at the tele end, and boasting a 4x digital mode to extend that range, this model certainly appears to have you covered if super-zooming is your passion. The SX50 HS sported a 24-1200mm eq. range by comparison, while the Nikon P600 offers a 24-1440mm eq. range - which is slightly longer on the tele end but not nearly as wide in comparison.

Going wide and going long - 65x is the new benchmark in the super-zoom world

But that's just the beginning of the sweeping changes we have to report on this new model to the popular super-zoom SX line. There's a new sensor, a completely redesigned "DSLR" grip, enhanced zoom assist functionality, 1080/60p video and a whole lot more!

Read our hands-on Canon SX60 HS preview to get acquainted with this latest offering, fully two years in the making, arriving at retailers this October for an estimated retail price of US$549.