Canon 7D Mark II First Shots: Let the image quality comparisons begin!


posted Thursday, September 18, 2014 at 2:30 PM EST


The Canon 7D Mark II, announced earlier this week at the start of the Photokina trade show in Cologne, Germany, has been turning our servers into liquid hot magma ever since Monday's big announcement. It seems there are more than a few of you out there in camera-land interested in seeing just how good this successor to the popular 7D really is... and it's been 5 years!

Canon was kind enough to send us a "beta" unit for an early start at lab testing. They've informed us that this sample is both shootable and testable, and it arrived here packing firmware version 1.01, so we're confident that this will be the final production version for overall image quality (but that's not a guarantee as there still could be subtle differences).

Head over to our 7D lab samples page for both the RAW and JPEG versions of our Still Life target, both of which are available for download for your own personal comparison purposes. Clicking on any thumbnail will bring up a larger image, from which you can access the EXIF data, full resolution image, etc.

And for comparing to other models or the original 7D, head to our Comparometer where you can pit lab samples side-by-side across the available ISO spectrum. Want to see how it looks beside the Sony A77 II or the Pentax K3, or perhaps even its full frame big brother the Canon 5D Mark III? Let our Comparometer be your truth-sayer for image quality testing purposes.

Since we're sure there are many of you interested in seeing the 7D Mk II beside the original 7D, we'll give you a sneak-peek here at ISO 3200:

        Canon 7D                       ISO 3200                     Canon 7D Mark II

[Default noise reduction settings]

Stay tuned for much more to come on the Canon 7D Mark II!

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