Firmware Friday: Canon gifts pro camcorders with exFAT support


posted Friday, October 3, 2014 at 4:56 PM EDT


After weeks of activity, we finally have a short break from the camera updates post-Photokina. it's been a quiet week on the firmware front, and we're not aware of any cameras with newly-updated firmware. (Are you? If so, sound off in the comments below.)

We do know, however, of two newly-updated pro camcorders. Both Canon's XF300 and XF305 camcorders have just received updates, and they promise to make these professional video-capture devices more responsive, according to Canon. The new v1.0.7.0 firmware for the Canon XF305 and XF300 makes but one change: Support for Microsoft's exFAT file system.

With exFAT compatibility, the XF300 and XF305 should both now allow file sizes greater than 4GB, and performance should also be improved.  The new exFAT file system will be used with CompactFlash card capacities of 128GB or higher, and Canon says that it will "[decrease] the waiting time required for accessing the card before being able to record footage."

You can get the updates at the links below:

(Camera parts image courtesy of Kelly Hofer / Flickr; used under a Creative Commons CC-BY-2.0 license. Image has been modified from the original.)