Nikon D750 enchants on the Isle of Enchantment: Real-world shots from Nikon’s latest full-frame


posted Sunday, October 5, 2014 at 11:09 PM EDT

IR's Arthur Etchells got a chance to shoot with the Nikon D750 on a recent press tour Nikon hosted in Puerto Rico .

The Isle of Enchantment lived up to its name, and the D750 delivered great image quality across a range of conditions. The shallow depth of field at wide apertures and the D750's excellent high-ISO noise levels underscored the strengths of full-frame DSLRs in general, and the D750 in particular. See the reduced-to-fit versions below, or click through to our Nikon D750 gallery page for links to the full-sized JPEGs as well as NEF-format RAW files for all the shots.