Awesome video takes you inside your Nikon lens, shows you how the tech works


posted Thursday, October 9, 2014 at 6:41 PM EDT


To the uninitiated, photographic optics can seem rather arcane. Sure, we can all tell a good lens apart from a bad one, but what defines a lens' characteristics is harder to understand. Often, the full name for any given lens will include a mass of jargon that -- if decoded -- can give you important information about that lens' optical makeup, but even if you can translate it into plain English, you may still be little the wiser.

A new video published today by Nikon Asia aims to remove some of that mystery, lifting the veil and showing how some of the technology inside your Nikkor lens works, and what benefits it can bring. Sure, there's a degree of marketing here, but there's also some very interesting info as well. You can see an optical Vibration Reduction system in action, for example, or see a stack of optical glass elements with various coatings that illustrate in a very visual way how much they can work to reduce glare. And common optical element types used in Nikkor lenses are shown alongside diagrams that explain what advantages they bring compared to standard optical glass.

Although the clip is produced by Nikon, much of the info it contains will also apply to lenses from other brands and on other mounts, as well. Watch the video below to get an idea for what lies inside your lenses:

Nikkor lens technology, as explained by Nikon Asia

(via Petapixel)