Think Tank Photo’s Airport Accelerator carry-on gains split personality, swaps cameras for drone portage


posted Friday, October 10, 2014 at 6:19 PM EDT


Have you joined the aerial photography trend? Specialist carry cases for multicopters are easy to find, but if you don't travel regularly travel commercially with your drone or take it on long hikes, a multi-purpose bag that you can also use for your camera gear probably makes more sense. Most affordable multicopters -- DJI's Phantom series being perhaps the most prominent example -- don't fold down for carrying or storage, and their large, somewhat ungainly X-shaped bodies don't fit securely in a bag designed for other gear.

That's where Think Tank Photo's Airport Accelerator camera bag comes to the rescue. Announced back in 2012, the Airport Accelerator is big enough to swallow two professional DSLRs, six or eight lenses, a 17" laptop and tablet. It's also big enough to take a DJI Phantom 2-series quadcopter with the propellers removed, though. (And since the propellers are very easily removed, that's probably the best way to carry one of these quads anyway.)

Swap the DJI Phantom 2 Divider Kit into your Airport Accelerator bag, and it will swallow your entire quadcopter kit with room for a few extra accessories as well!

And now, there's a custom kit that makes it so that the Phantom 2 quad along with all accessories will sit snugly in the bag, protected and padded on all sides -- but when you don't need to shoot aerial imagery, you can reconfigure the bag for your DSLR gear instead. It's the best of both worlds, and at just US$35 for the Airport Accelerator DJI Phantom 2 Divider Kit, a pretty reasonable price as well, especially if you already own the Airport Accelerator backpack. (If you don't, the bag itself will run you another $300, giving you dual-purpose portage for US$335 all-in. Note also that the kit is intended specifically for the Phantom 2-series quads, not other DJI multicopters.)

More details can be found on the Think Tank Photo website.