Lights, camera, trash ‘em: Samsung wants Hollywood to Ditch the DSLR too


posted Monday, October 13, 2014 at 3:28 PM EST


Last June, photographers in and around New York City got the chance to swap their aged DSLR for a modern, mirrorless replacement, thanks to consumer electronics giant Samsung and its unusual Ditch the DSLR promotional event. Now, those on the west coast will get their turn, thanks to a repeat of the earlier Times Square event that will take place in the entertainment capital of the world.

The event officially starts at 10am Pacific time tomorrow morning in the Hollywood & Highland Center (6801 Hollywood Boulevard), and those who show up early enough will be able to swap their working DSLR kit (with lens and battery) for a brand-new Samsung NX30 or Samsung NX Mini mirrorless camera kit. As in New York, this is a "while supplies last" event, and Samsung isn't saying ahead of time how many cameras will be available for trade.

Samsung executives Jay Kelbley, Ron Gazzola and Jose Hernandez show off the mountain of DSLRs discarded at last summer's #DitchTheDSLR event in New York's Times Square.

Last time around, though, the company had an extremely generous US$250,000 of cameras on hand, and those who didn't walk away with a camera still received a rebate off a future mirrorless purchase. In New York, the first person in the queue showed up a full day early, so if you're planning on ditching, time will most certainly be of the essence.

And even if you don't make it quite in time to score a mirrorless camera upgrade, you could be a part of the attempt to set a new Guinness World Record, an event which will also raise a significant amount of money for charity. Celebrity hosts Nick Cannon (America's Got Talent) and Julieanne Hough (Dancing with the Stars) and event attendees will together aim to set the record for the maximum number of selfies captured in one hour in front of an adjudicator from the Guinness Book of World Records. On breaking the record, Samsung will donate US$50,000 to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles, a noble cause indeed.

Celebrities Nick Cannon and Julieanne Hough will host Ditch Day in Hollywood.

You'll also get the chance to try out Samsung's NX-mount camera line, and as in New York, a slot car racing track will be set up to give you a cool subject on which to test all the camera gear. The west-coast #DitchTheDSLR event will run from 10am to 7pm Pacific time tomorrow, with the record attempt happening at 2PM.