Red Giant Offload makes backups you can trust—even in the field


posted Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 10:48 AM EDT


Do you get a little sweaty-palmed when offloading your videos, especially if you're in the field? Sure, you can make multiple copies, but there's no guarantee that something hasn't gotten corrupted along the way. Manually verifying the sanctity of each video is unnecessarily time-consuming, though, and all too easily forgotten.

Thankfully, the folks at Red Giant have come to your rescue with a new app that's designed to give you peace of mind and a smoother workflow. Red Giant Offload is relatively straightforward, and that's a good thing. Simply install it, select folders in which to locate source files and store the backup copies, then hit the Start button. (You can, if desired, set subfolders under which to store the backup copies, if you separate files from shoots by folder.)


Not, in itself, terribly unusual, but the handy part is that after transfer, Red Giant Offload confirms that each copied video is a bit-perfect duplicate before you delete the original file and overwrite it. The company doesn't specify how this is achieved, but it's likely calculating a checksum for each copy of the file, and then comparing these. The important thing is that you can breathe easy, secure in the knowledge that the backup is intact before it's too late to do anything about it.

According to Red Giant, the Offload app "works with virtually all cameras, cards and media formats". We don't know if this includes raw or JPEG stills, however, or just videos. Priced at US$49 by itself or included in the US$399 Red Giant Shooter Suite alongside the company's PluralEyes, Denoiser II, Instant 4K, BulletProof, Frames and LUT Buddy apps. More details can be found on the Red Giant website.