Fuji X30 surprises with improved image quality in our First Shots


posted Friday, October 24, 2014 at 3:43 AM EDT


The Fuji X30 has been a popular camera on our site since its announcement back in August. And why not?!
Its predecessor the Fuji X20 was a super solid premium compact, and the X30 shares much in common with that model. So much in common, in fact, that we weren't expecting an image quality boost since they both share the same lens, sensor and processor.

We're pleased to announce that it does indeed offer users slightly better performance in the image quality arena, especially as ISO begins to rise. Below are 1:1 comparison crops from both models of our Still Lef test target for your inspection. For much more in the way of pixel-peeping these First Shots from our lab head over to our Fuji X30 Samples Page. And to compare the X30 against its predecessor or any other camera we've ever tested head to our Comparometer where you can access the entire available ISO spectrum.

Fujifilm X20                     ISO 1600                       Fujifilm X30

There's a fairly noticable decrease in overall noise here at ISO 1600 from the newer X30,
especially apparent in some of the flatter areas of our test target.

Stay tuned for much more to come on the Fujifilm X30.

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