Is Adobe Europe mulling a Creative Cloud price drop?


posted Monday, October 27, 2014 at 1:37 PM EST


An interesting story appeared on DIY Photography late last week suggesting that Adobe was charging German customers different prices for Creative Cloud subscriptions based on their chosen web browser. As it turned out, though, the situation was a little more complicated than that, and it looks like Adobe may be considering adjusting pricing for its Creative Cloud suite -- in European markets at least.

In the article, DIY Photography's Udi Tirosh noted that he was seeing three different prices for the Creative Cloud suite on Adobe's German site, based on which browser he was using. Google Chrome showed the highest price, Safari the lowest, and Firefox somewhere in the middle. The variance in pricing was similar whether you were looking to purchase the full suite, a single app, or the special Photography plan, with about a 23% difference in price from the least to the most-expensive option.

Readers quickly chimed in, with some noting that they too were seeing different prices, and others stating that they saw the same pricing regardless of browser. The price variance was also noted to be present in other European markets, with a UK reader reporting higher pricing in Safari or Firefox than in Google's Chrome browser.

Adobe Germany's standard pricing for the Creative Cloud. Some customers in European markets are being offered lower prices than these, suggesting a change may be on the way.

That last report suggests that the initial guess from DIY Photography that pricing might be being tweaked by browser seems wide of the mark, given that the same browser received the highest price for Tirosh, and yet the lowest for the reader. Instead, it seems that your choice of browser doesn't matter, and that you may be offered a non-standard price based on some other criterion -- perhaps the presence of a cookie on your browser, by IP address, or some other technique that provides Adobe with data from a randomized sample. (It's a technique known as multivariate testing, used by companies to see if a change to pricing or marketing materials produces a desired effect in terms of sales.)

The really interesting thing to us, though, is that the variant prices are the lower ones, with the highest prices being those already widely in use in the markets in question. That suggests that Adobe may be testing an adjustment to its European-market pricing in the hopes of spurring adoption of the Creative Cloud.

We've yet to see any reports of variant pricing outside of Europe, and having checked ourselves, weren't able to confirm different prices being offered in the US market. Have you seen differences in Creative Cloud pricing outside of Germany and the UK? If so, let us know in the comments below!