Want an enthusiast-grade DSLR for under $900? Ricoh delivers with Pentax K-3 instant rebates


posted Monday, October 27, 2014 at 12:34 PM EDT


A year ago, Ricoh established its commitment to the Pentax brand with the launch of the Pentax K-3, an impressively feature-rich camera whose rugged body contained an industry-first: On-demand anti-aliasing that let you choose whether sharpness or moiré-resistance were more important for any given shot. We finished our review of the K-3 last April, and came away absolutely in love with this excellent DSLR, which at the time listed for US$1,300 body-only. Now, adjustments to the product bundle combined with instant rebates have taken it to another level!

The ruggedly-built Pentax K-3 initially shipped without its similarly weather-sealed battery grip in the US market, and if you added the cost of the grip to that of the body, you could expect to spend a bout US$1,530 for the pair. (And given that the grip was a new design since that used on the K-7, K-5, and K-5 II / IIs, you couldn't use your existing grip.) Subsequently, though, the grip was added to the bundle and the price of the body-only kit lowered to US$1,100 or thereabouts, making the K-3 an even better deal.

The weather-sealed and freezeproof Pentax K-3 is now available at a 30-40% discount over its original list pricing, making for a truly spectacular enthusiast-grade DSLR deal!

Now, you can tack on another US$200 in instant rebate savings, for a final pricetag of just US$896.95. That's an absolutely epic deal for a weather-sealed enthusiast-grade body with 24-megapixel resolution, 8.3 frames-per-second shooting, overhauled metering and autofocus, dual card slots, USB 3 connectivity, and an included portrait / battery grip, not to mention the on-demand anti-aliasing. Doubly so when you consider that this is still the flagship camera in Ricoh's APS-C camera line.

If you want to know more, read our in-depth Pentax K-3 review. If you just want to get your order in, you can do so (and support Imaging Resource at no extra cost to yourself) by shopping now at the links below:

And that's not all! You can save even more by purchasing the smc PENTAX-DA 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 ED AL [IF] DC WR kit lens along with your K-3 body. Ordinarily priced at US$500 or thereabouts, this can be added to the deal above for an extra US$350, saving another $150 over the cost of buying the lens separately. All-in, that means a price of US$1,246.95 for a kit that listed for US$1,930 just 12 months ago. That's a pretty spectacular 35% savings over the original list pricing with lens, or a 41% savings body-only. Get the kit with lens at the link below:

  • Pentax K-3 18-135mm kit with D-BG5 battery grip