Need ultra high-def video at ludicrous speed? This incredible camera tears through 4K at ~900fps


posted Monday, November 17, 2014 at 7:29 PM EDT


Is the spectacular resolution of 4K video not enough for you? Do you also need an equally jawdropping performance to allow you to capture the most subtle movements of a very active subject? If so, we've got the camera for you -- at least, if you have very deep pockets or an understanding bank manager.

The FOR-A FT-ONE-S variable frame rate camera might not have the snappiest of names, but it looks to be a stirling performer when it comes to 4K video capture. Related to the existing FOR-A FT-ONE, the FT-ONE-S shares that camera's ability to shoot ultra high-def video clips at an unbelievable 900 frames per second or thereabouts. What does 4K video shot at that speed look like? Check out sample footage shot with the previous FT-ONE variant at 860 fps below.

4K video shot at 860 fps with the FOR-A FT-ONE camera. The followup FT-ONE-S is just as swift, but makes a better mobile camera than its predecessor.

So how does the FOR-A FT-ONE-S differ from its predecessor? For one thing, the company says that it is now smaller and lighter, making it a better mobile option. It's also better weather-sealed, and can now provide live color correction. Couple that with its intercom system that allows shooting at up to a kilometer from the base station, and it looks like quite a rig.


And not surprisingly, it'll have a price to match. We don't yet know retail pricing, but the previous version was initially US$130,000, and even now sells for close to US$100,000. The FOR-A FT-ONE-S will be shown this week at the International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition 2014 show in Chiba City, Japan.