DxO Optics Pro 10.1 update supports iPhone 6, Canon 7D II, GoPro Hero4 Black and more


posted Thursday, December 4, 2014 at 7:13 PM EDT


A month after it completely overhauled its flagship Optics Pro image processing application, not to mention its other imaging apps for Mac and Windows, French software company DxO Labs is back with another update. This time around, support is added for four dedicated cameras and two smartphones, and there have also been improvements in other areas.

DxO Optics Pro v10.1 now supports images shot with the Canon 7D II, Canon G7X, Panasonic ZS40 and GoPro Hero4 Black Edition, as well as Apple's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. A simultaneous update to DxO ViewPoint v2.5.1 adds support for the same cameras, while DxO FilmPack v5.0.1 supports the new Canon and Panasonic models, but not the GoPro and iPhone.

DxO Optics Pro 10 in use.

And even if you don't have one of these cameras, you'll want to upgrade. The reason: A claimed 3x improvement in performance when displaying visual presets in Windows. Star ratings from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and other apps are also now recognized by Optics Pro 10.1, whether they're in the EXIF headers of the images, or saved in an XMP sidecar -- and Optics Pro will retain those ratings in its processed images.

There are also new FilmPack designer presets in Optics Pro when both programs are installed, and the ViewPoint perspective palette has been improved for Mac users so that you can make adjustments by clicking on the adjustment lines, not just on their anchors. Add in another raft of Optics Pro lens modules supporting 424 new lens / body combinations, and that's quite a few reasons to go ahead and update.

DxO Optics Pro v10.1 is a free update for anybody who owns Optics Pro v10, as well as those who purchased Optics Pro 9 after September 1st, 2014. A one-month trial version is available for new or upgrading customers, and DxO Optics Pro 10 Essential edition is priced at some US$130, with the Elite edition carrying a US$200 pricetag. Through December 25th, you can get a US$30 discount on that standard pricing for the Essential edition, and US$50 off the price of the Elite edition. More details can be found on the DxO website.