The coolest new camera drone doesn’t fly at all

by Gannon Burgett

posted Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at 4:54 PM EDT


Meet BuggyCam, an innovative mobile camera platform that uses wheels, not rotors, to capture incredible footage.

Developed by the two-man team at Motion Impossible, this remote controlled all-terrain vehicle pairs a highly tunable chassis to a custom V-CON stabilization system to capture incredible stabilized footage from a low point-of-view.

BuggyCam can support upwards of 10kg (22lbs), ensuring almost any gear you throw on it will function without issue. As for speed and range, this beast can be tuned to whip around at 40mph within a 1200 foot radius.


Below is another video of the BuggyCam in action. This time, they race across the leaf-covered forest floor, weaving between trees and more – not exactly a task best suited for flying camera drones. Despite the high speeds and rough terrain, the custom rig appears to reward its inventor with startlingly smooth footage.


To read more about BuggyCam and the development team behind it, you can head on over to their website, here.

(via ISO 1200)